The Gondoliers 2018

The Gondoliers 2018

In Venice lived two brothers, Marco and Giuseppe. They are happy being Gondoliers, until one day an imposing stranger announces they are not in fact brothers, but that one of them is the only son and heir of the late King of Barataria. Precisely which is the King and the Gondolier is unfortunately an inconvenient mystery. It is doubly inconvenient when they discover that the King, whichever he is, was married in infancy to the daughter of a Spanish Duke as - only half an hour earlier - the brothers were both married to two local Venetian girls.

Forced to leave their new wives behind, the Gondoliers set off to Barataria, set up a republican government where all are equal, and they reign in a coalition government. Surely this can’t go on forever?

Come and join us for an evening of love, fun and frolics – all in Gilbert and Sullivan’s inimitable style!



The audition pieces for this year have been chosen, and the details are below. Auditions for the chorus will be performed in quartets, while principals are asked to perform solo for each part they wish to audition. We ask that auditions are performed off by heart. Don't worry though, it's nothing too difficult and we always aim to have fun.

Auditions booking form and more details

Auditions will be held at Belstead Village Hall on Thursday 24th May. If you cannot attend at this time, please make arrangements in advance of this date. Unlike previous years, there is no audition fee.

All cast are asked to perform a sung audition for either chorus or principal roles.


Sung auditions

RoleSong number Page
DukeAct 1(3)"In enterprise... Plaza Toro!" (3 verses)pp60-61
DuchessAct 2(9)"On the day... at first!" (1 verse)pp187-190
CasildaAct 1(4)"O rapture... beloved!" (with Luiz)pp64-67
LuizAct 1(4)"O rapture... beloved!" (with Casilda)pp64-67
Don AlhambraAct 1(6)"I stole the prince... doubt whatever!"pp72-76
GiuseppeAct 2(2)
Act 1(1)
"Rising early... Ministers of State" (1 verse)
"We're called... Tra la la la la!" (with Marco)
MarcoAct 2(3)
Act 1(1)
"Take a pair... if you can" (1 verse)
"We're called... Tra la la la la!" (with Giuseppe)
GianettaAct 1(10)"Kind sir... with a woman's hand." (1 verse)pp96-97
TessaAct 1(9)"When a merry maiden... and nothing's wrong."pp89-92
AntonioAct 1(1)"For the merriest fellows... Tra la!" (one verse)pp19-22
FrancescoAct 1(1)"Good morrow... extraordinary."p16
Act 1(1)"For Marco... sit sedately." (whole phrase)pp16-17
InezAct 2(12)"The royal prince... behold his royal highness."pp214-215
ChorusAct 1(10)"Then away... that isle may be!"pp124-126

In some older score the pages may be slightly different, usually only about 1-2 pages out, but if you have any queries, please contact us


Spoken auditions

If you are going for a principal role, there is a short spoken audition too. You do not need to perform a spoken audition if you are only going for Chorus.

Spoken audition pieces



Belstead Village Hall

Our rehearsal venue, and venue for auditions, is Belstead Village Hall


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